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Design of the website says a lot more about your business than you likely think? In fact, most of online shoppers judge your business’ credibleness by your website look and feel alone. Quite interesting, right? If you haven’t altered the look of your site in the last couple of years, then it your time to do some revamping. We know the term “redesign” can seem daunting and like a major taking on, but in reality, there are various ways to make sure your website is the best by its way of look. Whether it’s a simple freshen of your current design or a major renovation, updating the design of your site can not only improve the aesthetics of your site, improve  better functionality and credibleness, and even encourage search rankings, as well!

Let us begin with the most uncomplicated kind of redesign, which makes your site responsive. A responsive design is one that allows desktop web pages to be seen in response to the screen size or web browser. As we know mobile devices becoming ever more omnipresent, going responsive is becoming very important.  So the site which are not in responsive yet and said to be update immediately. Non-responsive sites are throw out by search engines, putting your site frown in search rankings. Making your design responsive, will result in bettered Google search rankings, lower bounce rates, quicker load times, and a unseamed shopping experience for your site visitors with their smartphones, tablets, and computers.



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Improve credibleness with overhauling the Design

As we said earlier, your online shoppers are evaluating your business simply by the look of your website design, so it is necessary to be  forward and that your site looks fresh, attractive and professional. You may not need a full site renovation, but a minor refresh of your design to bring it into today’s style.

Refreshing the look of your design involves keeping the same look and feel of the site and branding of your company, but using more up to date design aesthetics to stay with the times. When making design updates, you will want to remember that today’s online shoppers are less likely to spend a lot of time reading websites, so you will want to cut down on any littered, large text sections and simplify the design with high-quality imagery. These are two quick and easy ways to modernize your website design, and can do wonders to make your site more attractive to potential shoppers. Another easy way to stay up to date is to check out what your competitors are doing with their website designs and see what trends are common in your industry. Making similar design adjustments will help you make sure you are on par with the competition.

It’s important to note that a superannuated looking site can give the impression that your site is not as safe or believable as one that is up to date. People may even think that you’re going out of business, and you definitely don’t want that to happen!

Check out how the refresh turned out for fittings Finders. They wanted to keep the marking of the new design similar to their previous design so that their visitants wouldn’t feel overly scattered about the change. Keeping the same trademarking from the old design really helped maintain their credibility with their customers.



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Improve the system and Navigation of the Site

Redesigning your site is the perfect chance to take vantage of reconstituting your existing contentedness and navigation. If it’s been a few years since your last redesign, review any data you’ve accrued since then to act upon your navigation structure and your homepage content. If there’s a big interest in a particular product line or category, consider carving out a spot on the homepage to promote it so shoppers can easily navigate to its page.


Perhaps at the time of your last redesign you had a lot of categories, and therefore a left navigation was necessary. Now you’ve decided to consolidate your product oblations and have reduced the number of classes needed. If that is the case, it’s likely you will no longer need a left navigation, potentially liberation up your site’s content area to use more real estate. A redesign would be the perfect chance to reconstitute your navigation to reflect your updated business needs.


In the end, although your site may be doing it’s job, it’s important to remember that its appearance is critical and should be refreshed up at least every couple of years. A popular design trend may feel dated and out of place with time, or maybe your business has grown and evolved, resulting in necessary structural changes. Revisiting your design on a regular basis and evaluating performance is commended. As e-commerce continues evolving and opportunities for enhanced shopping experiences become evident, Volusion will gladly be here when you are ready to take the first step towards redesigning your site!

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