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Top 10 Free Design Guides Released in 2015   Usability Geek

1. Sons of Gallipoli by Jam3 winner of November’s SOTM!

It’s the penultimate SOTM of the year and we’d like to thank everyone who has voted and made themselves heard on social media. From a selection of notable projects Sons of Gallipoli by Jam3 has been chosen as SOTM for November!

2. The Best UX Articles of Summer 2015

Summer is a great time of year and we hope that you’ve all had a blast soaking up the sun, travelling and relaxing. This summer has also been a great one for amazing UX and design reading material. We’ve been sharing the best of the best all summer, and have decided to compile a list of the most popular posts, as well as our favourites.

3. Google Asks 18 Artists To Redesign The Router

Why should a router look like a black box when it can look like a slinky, a lamp, or an oven mitt?

4.Selecting Effective Workshop Tasks

Having defined goals and set an agenda for a workshop are a crucial first step. But what happens during the workshop is even more critical. Last time, we looked at how to define goals and attendees. This time we’ll look at the tasks and activities you choose to use, and how they’re determined by your stated goals. In the last post, these were our workshop goals.

5.Top 10 Free Design Guides Released in 2015 – Usability Geek

Every year, digital design changes.

This is especially true for 2015: the dominance of mobile browsing, the popularization of HD screens, better internet capabilities for loading media, and more availability of colors and fonts all pushed the industry forward by leaps and bounds.

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