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Survey Basics  5 Steps to Actionable Feedback

1. Get inspired by the Awwwards Amsterdam Conference 2016 mix tape

It’s time to get back to work in our offices, studios or co-working spaces, but we’re not quite ready to forget the unique experience we had in Amsterdam. Are you missing the opulent marble walls of the Royal Tropical Institute? are you missing being surrounded by groups of like-minded people? Do you sleep with your event pass under your pillow?

2. Survey Basics: 5 Steps to Actionable Feedback

Time and time again, our customers approach us with the same question: “What kind of user feedback questions will give me the best results?” While we wish there was a secret window into our users’ psyche to give us all the information we need, unfortunately it’s not quite that easy.

3. How To Design For Autism

Problem: many autistic kids are super sensitive to the sight, sound, and feel of their environment. So when New York-Presbyterian decided to build an early intervention center for autistic children, they needed it designed with their needs in mind.

4. Motion with Meaning: Semantic Animation in Interface Design

Animation is fast becoming an essential part of interface design, and it’s easy to see why. It gives us a whole new dimension to play with time. This creates opportunities to make our interfaces better at every level: it can make them easier to understand, more pleasant to use, and nicer to look at.

5. 7 User Interface Guidelines For Designing Watch Apps

The first constraint (or opportunity) when designing any app is the screen size that the device on which it is accessed is going to offer. With various wearable hitting the market and featuring some exquisite options, a whole new opportunity has emerged for app developers and designers. At face value, the restricted screen size leaves less room for user interaction.

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