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Prowifra is an ambitious side project by Rillusion for the great contribution to the designer community. Prowifra is a website for the web and mobile app UX/UI designers who have the interest to do some various types of their imagination to put onto the structural level. The aim of a ProWifra is to provide a visual understanding of a page early in a project to get stakeholder and project team approval before the creative phase gets underway.


Prowifra website has been designed with the minimal amount of value with more information which gives a clean and clear idea which we wanted to convey to the designer’s and we have printable wireframes to download and to put on designer’s imagination with complete professionalism. We, always encourage the budding talents for their bright future. So we have introduced the printable wireframes to get download easily with  one click.


WireFrames can also be used to create the global and secondary navigation to ensure the terminology and structure used for the site meet user expectations. So we provide the wire frame for free of cost to the imaginations to develop their skills for the better way.




We have separate wireframes for iPhone iPad and Android devices to ensure the correct dimension to get display the design to the client.


Wireframes can be separate into two types namely,

Low fidelity wireframes

Prowifra offers low fidelity wireframes for iPhone, iPad and android devices for free of cost these Low Fidelity wireframes are generally a very simple place to start design. They attempt to define navigation, framework and basic structure. Low fidelity wireframes are useful for starting conversations, deciding very basic functionality as well as navigation layout. These simple sketches are NOT as useful for showing actual interactions, the weighting of elements on a page or paper prototype testing.

High fidelity wireframes

Prowifra also offers low fidelity wireframes for iPhone, iPad and android devices for free of cost this High-Fidelity wireframe fill in the details missing in their simpler predecessors. They define the weighting and visual hierarchy of the page, actual form and interaction elements, and often labels, instructional text, and some copy. They can be used in sequence to show how a specific task can be accomplished in a sequence of screens. High fidelity wireframes should always aspire to define all product and interaction details. They should provide a clear enough visualization of an application or site to allow developers and the engineering team to begin their work.


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