Reason for wireframe to design a mobile app

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A Wire-Frame is a childlike line drawing describing the layout of an app screen before any decoration to be added. The wireframes usually used by UX / UI creative director, web or app designers and business development team for client acquisition. It is typically the next step in app design after the mapping. Designers use this skeletal frame presentation to show clients or other stakeholders how page elements will relate to one another and functions. It outlines size, placement and orientation of every part of the mobile application






As the name suggests, a Wire-Frame is the design’s skeletal frame. For example, like how we first design a blueprint for building a house. Once the layout of the Wire-Frame gets finalized, designers add all the flourishes and sets up that make a mobile app developed to visually understand – choosing color schemes, images and logos, then overlaying them atop the Wire-Frame like a paint by numbers painting to get approved by the client.







While designers are loves to play with color and form, and stakeholders are equally eager to see their website designs in full color, Wire-Frame is an opportunity to try multiple and mutually exclusive layouts in a form that is easy to work with or tear apart. The generic presentation is an asset to this process, as it takes a great deal less time to draw a Wire-Frame than a fully realized design.


Reasons You Should Use Wire-Frame for mobile apps

  • To design and check the layout of the app screens
  • Understanding the flow, how the app is going to work
  • Fosters teamwork and real-time communication with all the team members
  • Moving on to high-fidelity mock-ups become easier to get the clear vision of the mobile app
  • Facilitates understanding of in-app navigation with various flow of Wire-Frame
  • We can take all decisions by using Wire-Frame which is more cost-effective than implementing the rough design and correctness
  • Incorporating change becomes easier
  • The benefits of making multiple Wire-Frame are we can easily understand the flow and design of the website in-depth and can explain to the client easily
  • Facilitates include animations the right way
  • Incorporating visual branding elements
  • Helps in meeting deadlines
  • Help in an app’s promotion





Prowifra is an ambitious side project by Rillusion for the great contribution to a designer community. Prowifra is a website to download free WireFrames for designers to design UI/UX for android iPhone and Ipad devices




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