Web Design Trends 2016

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Web Design


Web design trends 2016 has been featuring Flat design, Ghost button, Minimalism, Navigation menu, scrolling, Material design, Modular design, Hero image, Card layout, Responsive design.

FLAT DESIGNflat-design

Featuring bright colours with open spaces, shapes with crisp edges and strictly two-dimensions, flat design is easily the rising star on the design horizon this year.

GHOST BUTTONghost-button

An unusual trend that’s seen more use in recent times is the ghost button, which is a transparent button with a thin border and text. But this may cause problems with the button’s visibility and legibility.


Characterised by modest colour palettes, extensive use of white space, and extravagant typography, minimalism has seen a surge in popularity this decade.


With the hamburger menu becoming common, navigation is an aspect of the design that’s being increasingly experimented with.


Scrolling will be making a significant comeback as more designers are starting to think about mobile device accessibility.

MODULAR DESIGNmodular-design

Allowing you to add text, media- basically any content in blocks, modular design is an ad hoc method of building that supports a plethora of combinations in layout. This arrangement may also be resorted whenever new content needs to be added.

RESPONSIVE DESIGNresponsive-design

2016 will definitely be more focused on responsive design, veering slightly into animation and micro interactions. While the options are limitless, the designer should be careful not to let the interface affect the page’s performance.

CARD LAYOUTcard-layout

Made popular by hobby sites and online pin boards a few years ago, the card layout is a trend that’s been on a steady rise for a few years now. This design is ideal for a page that has a lot of content to display in a format that is easily readable.

HERO IMAGEhero-image

Starting out as an attractive header on the website’s landing page, the hero image trend has evolved into a fashionable and aesthetically pleasing summary of what the site is about.

MATERIAL DESIGNmaterial-design

Google’s new brainchild, Material Design aims to be a hot platform for mobile design, making use of grid layouts, responsiveness, and lighting effects.

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