Why Startups using WordPress as their base ?

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WordPress has taken a giant leap from where it has started . Used mainly as a blogging platform it has gradually become the most sought after content management system.

It has emerged as the most popular website development platform especially among the startup businesses. Small businesses or startups are attracted towards it mainly because it is free, efficient and offers many features with no Maintenance cost. With time,wordPress has become a one-stop solution for high quality and effective website building. Being able to cater to the needs of all size of businesses has made wordPress the most popular content management system in today’s scenario.

So at current scenario one in five startups using WordPress because

Open Sources and easy to access


Quick to set up with thousands of customisable themes


Gives multiuser with many plugins


Backing up and Security

WordPress Security

With such a large number of fascinating features to its credit, it is certainly impossible to ignore the capabilities of WordPress and compromise the business goals by adopting any platform other than this. It is always wise to foresee the growth with a growing platform and envision a small enterprise reaching new heights of success.

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